Thursday, August 28, 2008

I got a bad case of loving you

Why do I look so confused? Don't ask me.
What I wore yesterday.


Shirt- Thrift $4.50

Skinnys- Express $34.90 (Half off sale. Hells yeah.)

Boots- free

Belt- One my sister left behind when she went to college.

Yesterday was kind of crazy and stressful. I went to my second day of S.A.T prep classes and then ran around not one, but two community college campuses looking for class rooms and libraries and bookstores. I have come out alive and am (*crosses fingers*) totally ready for

classes to begin on Tuesday.

What I wore today.


Shirt- Thrift $4

Pants- Forever 21 $24

Shoes- Kelly&Katie. Don't remember how much they cost.

It started raining last night and didn't really stop. This morning dawned grey sky-ed and stormy, with temperatures low enough to break out my light sweaters for. I spent the whole day around the house, writing, cleaning, and belting Duffy songs.


heartofpearl said...

boots free? haha that is wonderful! pants look very nice and comfortable!

Anonymous said...

I really love the white leg pants - they look lovely!

Wendy said...

Chic wide legged pants.

Anonymous said...

I love your wide-legged trousers! I can't wear pants like that to save myself, but you look very chic :D

M @ Wearfare said...

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