Wednesday, August 20, 2008

True Parents

A bunch of fantastic murals and a pair of crazy awesome Victorian inspired boots.
We had time to hit up the local Salvation Army where I found some fall heels.
And a cozy sweater, a western style belt...
A black wast cinch-er..
A pink wrap shirt, a black silk skirt, a pink belt...
A white button down, and a black vest. (something I've been craving for fall.)
Decided to play around with a menswear inspired look today. I am so excited about the white tights! I bought them yesterday on a last minute school supplies trip to Target. I've been looking for white tights since last May but couldn't find them anywhere. (You'd be surprised how unhelpful the Forever 21 salespeople are. They gave me funny looks when I asked about colored tights, and completely denied the existence of leotards.) Anyways, turns out they were just waiting patiently for me over in the little girls department. Why is it they only make cool tights for the under 12 crowd?
Dress- Target $20
Tie- one of my dad's.
White tights- Target $4.99
Shoes- thrift store $2.99
Hat- Also my dad's. It's to small for him, so he hasn't worn it in a while. I kid you not, when I found it, the hat was so dusty it looked gray. I had to take a vacuum cleaner to it.
Recent purchases not pictured- the huge fall fashion issue of Vogue, a beautiful grey portfolio/folder/drawing pad for mine and my sister's designs, more patterned and colored tights than any one person could ever possibly need.


yellow said...

Awesome finds!

.. I must say, I am incredibly jealous of your hair. It is amazing.

Hanna said...

You have a fantastic blog and I love your thrifting finds, excellent shoes!

Linking you.

emily said...

i love your outfit! menswear-inspired is amazing.
fabulous blog!

Alice Point said...

Thanks for your kind words:)

I like your hat and shoes! :)

Isabel said...

I love your menswear look - especially how you posed in front of a tree! that's awesome. You are super-cute.

Rora said...

Hello you, it's me :) I thought I'd leave a comment even though our screen name will be the same.
Love what you did with Zeda's dress, gives it a deffinite grown up look.
<3 Esme

ps I'm wearing the Dan sweater on Saturday!

Ida said...

Fantastic finds! The two pairs of shoes are ace.

Love the androgynous look as well.

Kristina said...

I love all those things as well as the murals. They're a beautiful art form.

Terren said...

i want to see you in the black shoes! :]

The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome finds. I really like the menswear inspired look.