Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet 'n Low

There's something about these last hazy hot days of summer that makes me long for clothes that show my sultry, curvy, feminine side. Sure, I love me my baggy trousers, bubble skirts and tent dresses as much as the next girl, but some days that's just not what I want. Some days I want body con dresses, well cut jeans, and perfect tailored pencil skirts. So imagine my delight when I found this baby at the Salvation Army. The cut! The color! The sweet ruffles! Like whipped cream on a sundae or icing on a cake, it's that little extra thing that makes everything else seem so much better.

Skirt- thrift $6
Shirt- thrift $3
Shoes- thrift $3.50

Soundtrack- Amelia, better than sleeping alone.

Oh and on the topic of slinky sexiness; i love Erin Wasson's body chains! Anyone know where a girl could get her hands on some for cheap? Or if that's not do-able, at least a cheap knockoff?


Anonymous said...

The skirt looks so nice on you. I love the ruffles and the fit is fantastic. And the $6 price tag? Enough said!

Anonymous said...

The skirt is really cute :). Love it!

Kristina said...

Mind you showing us those shoes a bit better?

Rora said...

kristina- i tried to show them more in the second pic, but we haven't really mowed the lawn in a while so the grass covered them. they're the same blue shoes as the ones in my Shopping girl post. thanks for the commetn, though! i'm really new to this, and i'm still working on my picture taking skills :p

WendyB said...

Very pretty and the price is tough to beat!

Kristina said...

Well let me just say that I'm as new as you are, if not more;) so hopefully we'll get better in time!

Hanna said...

I like the skirt. As for the body chains, I've been trying to figure that out as well. Something from a hardware store would be too new and shiny as well...hmm